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Top Notch Travels 
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Can I book my Vacation on my own without hiring Top Notch Travels?

Of course you can. However, travel planning requires a great investment of time to conduct the needed research. Your honeymoon is the most important trip you’ll ever take, and usually requires a significant financial investment as well. You could spend countless hours looking scouring websites; readings reviews and looking for the best deals. However, discounted prices may results in a discounted experience.

What is the difference with Top Notch Travels and the booking engines online?

For starters, we build a relationship with you that online agencies do not offer. You work with us from start to finish while with the online agencies, you are likely to get a different person each time you call and they have no idea about your personal travel needs. Additionally, online agencies are notorious for overselling hotel rooms. This means you could show up at your destination only to learn that you can’t stay at the hotel you spent hours upon end researching and choosing. We have a “no walk” policy with our vendors. We also have the best in class for travel protection – not the kind that you have to have a medical certificate to get some of your money back.

Will it cost more to book with Top Notch Travels?

At Top Notch Travels, we have relationships with travel suppliers and our packaging is designed with competitive pricing and in many cases can be lower than the online prices. There are a lot of red-shiny objects online so it is always best to do an apple-to-apply comparison.

When should I start to book my honeymoon?

We recommend 9 months before the date of the wedding. This advance planning gives us time to get the best pricing and availability as well as allows you to take advantage of our payment plan,. We recommend 12 months for a planning destination wedding.

Do you offer a payment plan?

Yes we do offer a no-interest payment plan. We will discuss that with you during our booking process.

Why use your agency instead of booking online?”

You could most definitely book your romantic vacation packages at a major Internet site. Before you do that though, what is your reason for booking on the internet? Is it to find the lowest price? While you could be getting a discounted price, you could also be getting a discounted experience. While you want to make a wise financial investment in your getaway, let your personal tastes and desires drive the romantic experience you seek.

“Do you charge for packages?” 

No, we do no charge for our services. .

“I can find my package cheaper on the internet. Why book with you?” 

Top Notch Travels is not an internet travel site, we are a boutique romance travel design agency. We work with couples who are in love and are looking for an extra-ordinary romantic experience so they can just show up and have the time of their life without ever having to lift a finger. We believe that the benefits and relationship that you build with us is unavailable with online booking engines.

“Can I cancel my trip once I have paid for it?”

Yes, you can cancel your trip. If you have purchased travel protection (which we highly recommend) you can recover all your money except the amount paid for the Travel Protection. Travel protection is optional but can save you money if you have to cancel. There are several types of travel protection packages available and we will discuss the one most suitable for your situation.

“Is my payment secure?”

Yes. Our secure server software encrypts all of your personal information, including credit card information. The process of encryption takes the information you enter and converts it into bits of code that are securely transmitted over the Internet. This scrambled data cannot be read as the information travels over the Internet. Once your encrypted personal information is received by our secure server, it is translated back into its original form and stored in our off-line database. Your credit card information is not transmitted over the Internet again.

“Will using your services cost more?”

We may not get your the cheapest deal – that’s what the online booking engines are for. However, we can curate the most amazing experience at the best value for you.