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Top Notch Travels LLC 
Keeping Romance Alive 1 Couple at a Time!!!!
Nashville, Tennessee
Toll Free:1.888.552.3696
Email: nicole@topnotch-travels.com

Why We Charge a Service Fee

Getting Started with Top Notch Travels LLC
Are you are ready to work with us so you can take your honeymoon planning to the next level?

That’s awesome! This is going to be a great fit for both of us. We are definitely looking forward to working on your special event. We are definitely ready to cultivate an amazing experience for you.

Take advantage of our complimentary, no-obligation honeymoon planning call. During the call, we will dig in to learn all about what your dreams are, and what challenges you face so that we can identify where you’re getting stuck and how we can help you.
Does it Cost Money? How Does it Work?
​Well, to break it down for you…the first chat is at absolutely no cost to you. During the call, we will help you get really clear about what your needs are and then explore the most appropriate next steps. Just to be clear, this is NOT a call in which we will be able to plan your honeymoon on the spot or for us to give you pricing. If we decide to work together, there is a planning and research fee (depending on package) that enables us to conduct the needed research to a customized quote just for you. We do not do cookie-cutter honeymoon or destination wedding planning. Click here to learn about our fees.
Here’s how the call works…

You choose a time that is convenient for you
We will chat for 30 minutes or so
We’ll uncover the biggest challenges you face and what we can do to resolve some of those challenges
We’ll identify your most pressing needs and define some goals
If we know that we can help you meet your goals, we’ll let you know what the next steps are
If you like our ideas, we agree to work together …and you’re ready to start working on the experience of a lifetime, then you’ve made a great decision!
Nicole and the Top Notch Travels team are experienced Romance Travel Experts with a passion for transforming dreams into reality. Email or Call us at 888.552.3696 to get started.