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Top Notch Travels 
nicole@topnotch-travels.com | 615-775-7965
Working with Top Notch Travels 
It’s a special time in your life and we believe the service we provide should be just as special. We do everything with you in mind. Service is not just what we can do for you but how we do it…how we make you feel! When you receive legendary service, you just can’t go back to standard service. You get spoiled, you like to be pampered, you know that someone cares about your needs. And…we care!
How are we different?
Let’s just be real – your honeymoon is about you and not about us. You are looking for an experience that is customized according to your lifestyle and personal tastes. You want someone who is able to take your dream and transform it into an “extraordinary” experience. We are not here to tell you about our many years of service but to listen to your dreams and use it to curate an experience that you will treasure forever.
Your Honeymoon Planning – is designed with one objective in mind…to have you show up and have the time of your life and come back home renewed, connected, and wishing the honeymoon was not over. Your experience should leave you on a high, feeling like a teenager in love who cannot wait to return to paradise – ready to plan your next trip.

Destination Wedding Planning – are what dreams are made of. You get to customize it to your heart’s content. Go barefoot on the white powdered sand, dress it up in a formal ballroom or opt for the richness of the beautiful gardens. Quite frankly, it doesn’t matter so much where you decide but what you decide on because we can transform your wedding location that will make jaws drop. Bring the love because we can apply the magic and make our day uniquely yours …without any stress.
Anniversaries, Vow Renewals and Romance Getaways  The wedding ceremony and reception may be over when the night ends, and the honeymoon may end when you head back home, but the marriage is just beginning. You’ll want to keep the elements of romance going so your love remains hot… the fire continuously burning.

Stay in love and find ways to connect or reconnect. Anniversaries are a reminder of the special day when you committed your lives to each other – make every effort to honor that day. Milestone anniversaries are great for recommitting your love with a renewal of your vows, and of course every day is a day for a romantic getaway.
Proposals – For all the men in love who want to pop the question in style, we have you covered. We can help you create the right setting that will render her speechless except for one word “YES”.  Schedule to plan this important event with me TODAY!! 

                        - Nicole Johns